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2 steps to register with the Engineering Career Center:

STEP 1 - Resume Review
Send your most up-to-date, polished resume to: in .doc or .docx format. Search different resume styles. Not recommended: online templates with lots of formatting. Keep it simple and concise; the “objective” section should be short; check it for typographical errors prior to emailing it to ECC. For ideas, look at this link with resume ideas:

STEP 2 - Fill out your profile online
Log into: Your ID is your entire UIC email address. Your password is not your UIC password for your email. It is separate. Click on “forgot password;” the system will email you a temporary password. Later, you can change your password to whatever you want it to be under the “Account” section. Completely fill out all data for your personal and academic profile. You must update these each term with current GPA, current student year, and new mailing address, etc. It is not linked to UIC databases. After your resume has been reviewed, upload it to UICcareers using the “Documents” tab. Give your resume a title (not “my resume”). Example: JaneSmith _EE_UIC_InternshipResume.pdf

You are now registered.

Start applying for jobs!

On, use both files under “Jobs” to search for open positions. Also look at, section), and all other sources listed under the STUDENTS button in “Career Resource Sources.” Don’t forget to ask friends, acquaintances, schoolmates - network with people. Apply directly to companies that interest you. If you don’t hear anything back, follow up with a formally written letter expressing your interest.

Read through the FAQ’S (Frequently Asked Questions) found under STUDENTS section.

Lastly - When you accept a job offer to be an intern, a cooperative (co-op) student, or a full-time position in your field, contact us and tell us! We must record all hires! Reach us at:; tell us your name (this email address does not capture who is sending us the email), your UIC email address, your UIN, and your employment news.

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