Engineering Career Fair 2015

Tuesday, February 24, 2015
Student Center East - Illinois Room

The UIC College of Engineering has over 3500 students enrolled in over 10 different engineering and computer science disciplines. These undergraduate and graduate programs include 6 academic departments: Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil and Materials Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering , and Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.

The UIC Engineering Career Fair is an effective resource to match employers with engineering students, not only for internships and co-op positions, but also for full-time careers.

Sponsored by the UIC Engineering Council and the UIC College of Engineering

No prior student registration is necessary. This is not open to the general public and is only available to UIC students and UIC alumni.

Employer Registration, click here

Engineering Employers Registered for 2014

ACCO Brands   EE, ME   Internships   No
AECOM   Civil, EE, ME   FT, Internships   Maybe
Alcatel-Lucent   CS, Comp. Engr., EE   FT, Internships   Yes
AMEC AES   Civil, Comp. Engr., EE, ME   FT, Internships   No
AvantCredit   CS, Comp. Eng.       Yes
Caterpillar   ChemE,Civil,Comp. Eng.CS,EE,IE, ME, Materials   FT, Internships   No
The Chamberlain Group   ME,EE,CS, Comp. Eng.   Internship   No
Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd.   Civil   FT   No
Clark Dietz, Inc.   Civil   FT, Internship   No
CME Group   CS, Comp. Eng.   Internship   Yes (intern only)
CNH   BioE,Comp. Engr.,CS,EE, IE,Materials,ME   FT, Internship   Yes (intern only)
Connectivity Wireless Solutions   Computer Science, Comp. Engr., EE   FT, Internship   No
Continental Automotive Systems   CS,Comp. Engr., EE,ME   FT, Internship   Yes
Dashiell Corporation   Civil,EE   FT, Internships   No
Datalogics   CS,Comp. Eng   Internships   No
dbHMS   Comp. Engr.,EE, Energy, ME   FT, Internships   Yes
EN Engineering   Civil,Comp. Engr., EE,CS,IE,ME,Energy, Materials   FT, Internship   No
Epic   CS, Comp. Engr., EE   FT, Internship   Yes
Ericsson   CS, ECE   FT, Internship   Yes
Fast Enterprises,LLC   CS, Comp. Eng.   FT, Internship   No
Federal-Mogul   IE,ME,Materials   Intern   No
FleetwoodGoldcoWyard   EE   FT, Internship   No
Forsythe Technology   CS,EE,IE, ME   FT, Internship   No
Freedman Seating   ME   Internship   No
GE Appliance   Comp. Engr., EE, ME   Co-op   No
Hanley, Flight & Zimmerman   CS, Comp. Engr., EE, ME   FT   No
HBK Engineering   Civil, EE, Energy, IE, ME   FT, Internships   No
HERE, a Nokia Business   CS   FT, Internships   Yes
The Hill Group   Civil, ME   FT, Internships   No
HW Lochner Inc.   Civil   FT, Internships   Yes
Hybris Software   CS, Comp. Eng,   FT   No
Hyla Soft   Computer Science, Computer Engineering   FT, Internship   Yes
IAEA Careers   All majors       No
IDOT   Civil   FT   No
iLink Resources   Chemical,Civil,EE,ME, IE   FT   No
Integrys   Chemical,Civil,CS,EE,IE, ME   FT, Internship   No
Illinois Tool Works (ITW)   EE,IE,ME   FT, Internship   No
LanzaTech   Chemical,Energy, ME   FT, Internship   Yes
Larson Engineering, Inc.   Civil, EE, ME   FT   No
LGS Innovations   CS, Comp. Engr., EE   FT   No
Mars Inc.   EE, IE, ME, Materials   Intern   No
McHugh Construction   Civil   FT, Internship   No
Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago   Chemical,Civil,EE, ME   FT   No
Michael Best & Friedrich LLP   Chemical (MS/Ph.D), Comp. Engr., EE,CS, ME   FT   No
Milyli, Inc.   CS   FT, Internships   No
Neohapsis   CS, Comp. Eng,   FT   No
Nvisia   CS, Comp. Eng,   FT, Internships   No
Patrick Engineering   Civil,EE       No
Primera   Civil, EE, ME   FT, Internship   No
Provisur Technologies   EE,ME   Internships   No
Redmane Technology   CS, Comp. Eng,   FT, Internships   Yes
Sargent & Lundy   Civil, EE, ME   FT, Internship   No
Sears Holdings Corporation   CS, Comp. Eng.   FT, Internship   Yes
Seeco Consultants   Civil, Environmental, Geotechnical   FT, Internship   Yes
Spot Trading   CS, Comp. Eng.   FT, Internship   No
Syska Hennessey Group   EE, ME   FT, Internship   No
T.Y. Lin International   Civil   FT   No
Therapeutic Proteins International, LLC   BioE, Chemical, EE, IE, ME   FT   Yes
Trunk Club   CS,Comp. Engr.   FT   No
TTX Company   IE, ME   Internship   Yes (intern only)
URS Corporation   Civil, Environmental   FT, Internship    
US Army Corps of Engineers Rock Island District   Civil, ME, Materials   FT, Internship   No
US Navy   All Majors   FT   No
Wargaming   CS, Comp. Eng,   FT   Yes
Winegard   Comp. Eng., EE, ME   FT, Internship   No
Wi-Tronix LLC   Civil,Comp. Engr., EE, CS, ME   FT, Internship   Yes
Woodward Inc.   Civil,Comp. Engr.,EE,CS,IE,ME   FT, Internships   No
Wynright Corporation   ME,IE, Civil, EE, CS   FT, Internships   No
Xylem Inc.   CS (undergrad),EE,ME   Internships   Yes (intern only)
Zebra Technologies   CS,Comp. Engr.,EE,ME,   Internship/Co-op   No

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