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The Engineering Career Center (ECC) supports UIC engineering students with services to assist them in the the opportunity to gain practical work experience while they are still students.

Participating employers are located throughout the Chicago area, the Midwest and the across the United States, providing employment opportunities in all fields of engineering. Small manufacturers, global corporations, and government agencies look to UIC students for expertise in solving their unique needs.

Why Should Students Make Internships and/or Co-ops Part Of Their Education Plan? According to hiring companies: (Survey – NACE Corp Recruitment Trends-Spring 2010)

  • Students who have taken part in an internship are a better “risk” for companies. Within 1 year of hire, nearly 86% of those that did an internship at the hiring company (and 85% of those who did an internship elsewhere) are still on the job; compared to 81% who did not do an internship.
  • They want students to have “hands on” experience in their field.
  • Nearly all responding companies (86.5 %) have formal internships/co-op programs.
  • Among respondents, the primary focuses of their programs is to feed their full-time hiring program. Approximately 83 % of respondents cited this as the primary focus of their internship program, while nearly 80% identified this as the primary focus of their co-op program.
Fifty percent of employers said students should have at least one internship prior to graduation; and 50% responded that students should have a minimum of 2 internships on their resume!

Program Benefits:

  • Free service to all COE students
  • Access to internships from local and national employers
  • Resume Reviews, Mock Interviews, Workshops, Networking, Salary Negotiation, ENGR 289 (putting your practical experience on your permanent transcript) and more. Do not wait - build your resume NOW!!

  • All College of Engineering students are eligible to register with the Engineering Career Center (no special requirements).

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